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The Strange Peace Of Storm

The Strange Peace Of Storm

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"The Strange Peace of Storm" presents a captivating mix of disorder and calm. The artwork, stylized as a photo taken on 35mm film, intertwines cinematic colors and dynamic patterns capturing a non-existing moment that feels like your own happy memory. 

About the artist:

Daria Grishaeva is an artist based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Her work stands at this crossroad, harnessing the power of AI to reimagine digital imagery through the nostalgic lens of film photography. Daria strives to connect the present with the past and evoke childhood memories and excitement, encouraging viewers to reflect on the fleeting moments that shape their lives and the universal emotions that bind us all together. Each picture Daria creates isn't just about looking old-fashioned; it's about bringing back feelings and memories. She invites viewers to look beyond the pixels and feel the warmth of the sun on their skin and grass under their bare feet, hear the laughter, catch the first drops of summer rain, run their hand over the wildflowers.

Being a big art, AI, and literature enthusiast, Daria enjoys bringing vivid images to life, crafting a captivating atmosphere, and immersing the audience in it. Daria's deepest sources of inspiration are memories of growing up in a small town surrounded by a forest, experiences shared with dear people, and the boundless beauty of the world around, which constantly awakens Daria's sense of wonder and creativity.

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